Weight Loss Using Hypnotherapy

Despite the fact the health and weight loss industry boasts a whole array of ‘rapid fixes’ and ‘easy to follow’ plans and strategies for excess weight reduction, the truth of the matter is that for numerous individuals getting rid of weight is by no means an effortless feat.

There are a variety of complex psychological causes why we find it virtually impossible to manage a weight problem effectively, and those that do find an effective strategy of shedding excess fat in the short term, often find that over time the weight goes back on again.

The mind is an often overlooked component of successful, long-term fat loss. Yet through hypnosis, the brain – which ultimately controls how people think and consequently everything we actually do – can be ‘reprogrammed’, helping us to build better eating patterns and attitudes regarding diet.

Sally’s weight loss using hypnotherapy journey

Like every kind of therapist, to achieve weight loss using hypnotherapy a hypnotherapist will work somewhat differently for each individual client, for a few individuals it won’t be the perfect approach for them. However, for people like Sally, hypnotherapy may provide life altering weight reduction outcomes that can last a lifetime.

Before taking advantage of cognitive hypnotherapy, Sally had tried a lot of ways to lose weight, however none of them had worked for her in the past. She found that she appeared to be lacking the necessary self-control to stay with the diet programmes. She was making the effort but somehow she was never successful and knew she was in need of some assistance. Which is when she decided to try weight loss using hypnotherapy.

Sally’s primary target was to achieve a body-weight of 10 stone, from her starting point of more than 13 stone. However, she in fact exceeded her own objectives and proceeded to shed 4 stone and change! After nearly 2 years, Sally is still just under 10 stone, and puts her weight loss success down to a direct result of the assistance she got from cognitive hypnotherapy for weight loss: “Many of my friends believe that hypnotherapy is a quick fix to losing weight, like a magic pill, but for me it was about totally changing my behaviours,” she said. “I knew when I reached my target weight I would never go back to the old relationship with food that I’d had before.”

How Hypnotherapy Helps

The majority of overweight people focus primarily on diet and fitness when they decide to drop some weight. However, without a good foundation – the right state of mind – their efforts might seem to be a painstaking uphill struggle that is unachievable.

Hypnotherapy helped Sally get rid of over 4 stone by:

  • Changing her deep-rooted food intake
  • Stopping all the serious urges she’d encountered in the past
  • Helping her start to take pleasure in appropriate food choices
  • Focusing her mind on producing eating plans for the future

Sometimes we can consciously become aware of the motivator supporting all of our less healthy eating behaviours, yet in other cases the roots of the problem run deep, and that is exactly where a cognitive hypnotherapy approach is very useful.

Through getting access to and re-programming the unconscious thought process, a cognitive hypnotherapist allows you to construct long-term, life-improving alterations in the way you view and feel about your food.

This tends to not just assist you to slim down, but also the emotional pain and discomfort you might have experienced in the past can stay in the past where it belongs.

“When the weight started to reduce I started to feel really good about myself,” says Sally, “and not only that but I started to feel more confident and comfortable within myself as well.”

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