Using Hypnotherapy to Treat Blushing

Making use of a hypnotic approach to remove blushing

Located in Kingston upon Thames, Giselle Monbiot shows how hypnosis can aid you to forget about blushing.

Many people have problems with disproportionate blushing. A lot of people cannot figure out the reason for their red-faced response. These people believe they can’t control the problem which generally makes the problem worse. When the fear of becoming red in the face rises, so does the probability of blushing. And the more one think the blushing can happen, the more probable it is that you’ll blush.

Going red in the face signifies embarrassment, low self-esteem and self-consciousness socially. At times people who go red experience this so much that it prevents them living a normal way of life. It can cause you to avoid social contact and limit promotions at work if you find yourself required to talk when in front of people or even just speak to other individuals.

It could possibly also affect your relationships. A very common problem with individuals who blush is going red when talking to a person they happen to be keen on or have feelings for. Having feelings for someone or becoming interested in man or woman is entirely common. However, we don’t typically want to let everybody under the sun become acquainted with our thoughts with a physiological indicator.

The devastating fear a number of people suffer with because of going red in the face can cause them to refrain from any circumstances they imagine causes them to blush.

People who have no issues with blushing usually have no thought process with regards to blush expectancy, so it is not a problem for those people on a regular basis.

Physically blushing is straightforward, mentally, however, this isn’t usually the case.

There are different kinds of hypnotherapy approach which enables you to get rid of blushing. One option is where the therapist can help you get in touch with your subconscious mind and find the root reason behind your blushing. Generally we begin to blush from a relatively early age when we have perhaps experienced an exceptionally distressing situation that made us to go red. Establishing the main reason for the blushing behaviour means there is a chance to cope with it and subsequently remove the condition altogether. The hypnotic treatment solution also allows you to reprogramme your unconscious, developing innovative behavioural patterns together with coping skills in relation to blushing.

Some hypnotic approaches deal with blushing as a negative behavioural pattern. This can lead to the unconscious being reprogrammed to stop the fear of going red in instances that would have been preceding triggers. Whenever both the conscious mind and your subconscious mind have no thoughts on the subject of blushing, generally blushing will cease.

Regular therapy (non hypnotic) addresses blushing on a conscious level. This would mean the most important part of the mind (the subconscious) is not actually taken into consideration. Which means you could be hampered by the condition consciously when hypnosis will let you grow to be much more of a powerful force subconsciously and consciously. When your whole brain is put to use, gaining control over blushing can stop being so difficult since you have no need to consciously make an attempt to stop it any more.

Giselle has practised in Kingston for over 5 years working from her rooms on Old London Road.

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