Treating Adolescent Problems Effectively

teenagerYoungsters have to tackle bodily changes as well as external elements such as school, exams, puberty and social turmoil; quite a few people believe that it is just about the most challenging times in our lives. These difficulties can create feelings of low self-confidence and damage self-worth which commonly results in the adolescent feeling inferior.

Just as with adults, teenagers show their frustrations and are affected by stress or depression in different ways. When young people start to have considerable problems with friends and relations or start to become forgetful, moody or annoyed this could be an indicator that they’re experiencing feelings of anxiety and/or depression. Physical symptoms can include exhaustion, upset stomach, migraine headaches and other physical problems for example alopecia.

Problems like anxiousness and stress will have a negative effect on their marks at school because they could have trouble focusing; they may truly feel withdrawn and out of touch or even be experiencing panic attacks during the lessons. Unchecked, these prolonged feelings of stress and anxiety can escalate into stress related coping behaviours, such as phobias like agoraphobia, eating disorders, and other self-destructive behaviours such as smoking, drug taking and self harm.

Many people don’t take teenage problems seriously as they are not considered an ‘adult’, but in fact they may be confronting problems just as intense but unique to their generation. They may be dealing with bullies, exam freeze, revising difficulties and of course performance anxiety and the pressure comes from many areas like teachers, parents, siblings and fellow class mates.

Although young adults can be amazingly durable, early treatment to stop problems escalating is often better than waiting until they reach crisis point. A combination of aspects needs to be considered, including treatment to help take care of the inner stress, an atmosphere of support and love and a mitigation of the exterior pressures as much as possible. Increasingly, a lot more parents are turning to hypnotherapy tactics to help their teenage children overcome the thought processes, attitudes and beliefs which underpin the internal stress.

Hypnotherapy helps by changing the subconscious responses young adults have to certain trigger circumstances. It tackles the underlying issues that form the basis for more serious problems to develop.

This could be bullying, pressures at home or even learning difficulties for example.

Techniques used by hypnotherapists aim to alter the response of the subconscious mind, in order for teenagers to think considerably more positively and actually feel more in control of their lives. They help a teenager to adapt to their ever evolving world and to deal with their workload more appropriately.

Hypnotherapy will thus prevent further problems both at home and at school but as well as hypnosis; teenagers require the support of their family members and teachers at school.

Giselle Monbiot from Kingston upon Thames said, “Working with teenagers is incredibly rewarding. It is so important that teenagers are allowed the opportunity to be heard and not just ignored. Their issues can have very strong impact for decades to come; both on a professional and personal level. If they take control of their problems in their teenage years, this empowers them for their adulthood. “. To find out more, please contact Giselle on 07847 386562.

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