The actual cost of hypnotic treatment: How can you afford not to?

Treatments which help us resolve emotional issues are often seen as a cost, which many people believe that they cannot justify. Although they might think nothing of spending money on evenings in the pub, smoking, dining out or ‘therapeutic’ shopping trips, using money for something like hypnosis is considered an extravagance. Yet evidence clearly shows that the advantages of these treatments is generally powerful, and can help with problems ranging from anxiety to addiction to drugs. So in fact, is a hypnotic approach really an extravagance you can afford not to try?

The manner in which a hypnotic approach can improve your life

The conscious mind is quite restricted with what it recollects; nonetheless, the subconscious stores every little thing which we have dealt with in our lives. A hypnotic approach functions by allowing the therapist gain access to the subconscious of the client, hence giving the experienced hypnotherapist the chance to tackle deeply embedded belief systems and behavioural patterns. The possible health rewards which could happen from working this way are hence significant.

Weight predicaments

Although many people wanting to slim down are motivated to reach their objectives, dieting can be not easy to adhere to. No matter how hard they try, their motivation and self-control is often missing. This can be on account of underlying subconscious issues which simply can’t be overridden by will power alone. A hypnotherapist can unearth these problems and re-programme them with imagery and the power of suggestion, hence making way for real weight reduction results to develop.

Addiction issues

Individuals with addictions to things like cigarette smoking, boozing or gaming generally struggle in the same way as those wanting to shed weight: even when they make a determined effort to overcome their habitual habits, they simply can’t seem to free themselves long-term. This is mostly because they are concentrating on the wrong part of their dependency. Countless smokers, by way of example, utilise nicotine substitute products in the thought that by curing the body of its nicotine dependency they might be able to stop smoking cigarettes. Yet, because the obsession stems from the subconscious mind, this strategy quite often doesn’t work. Stopping is made far easier by handling the subconscious reasons for cigarette smoking.


Anxiety symptoms can result in many problems in a person’s life, such as, being held back in their occupation or studies resulting from public speaking anxiety. The fact that social phobia can stop people from being promoted at the office or from finishing school ensures that there may be significant loss. By seeking the aid of a hypnotherapist, however, the client can develop a better perception of confidence, which shows positively in their career or study.

While the cost may seem out of your budget on first thought, the serious changes which may occur through the use of hypnosis make it a beneficial purchase to improve your health and wellbeing.

Giselle Monbiot, a qualified hypnotherapist, based in Kingston upon Thames, said “Whatever it is you want to change, hypnotherapy is such a fantastic and practical way to make the change you are looking for.”

Giselle has practised in Kingston for over 5 years working from her rooms on Old London Road.
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