Fear of presentationsI am so pleased to be able to tell you that I again today went to a large meeting and presented and debated with great confidence and assurance! This is now a regular occurrence. I continue to prepare in exactly the ways we agreed – I think I may have discovered that not breathing properly affected my volume as well as my nerves – and I now just feel so much calmer and more confident when asked to do things. Even if I feel slightly on edge sometimes, my body seems to default into relaxed mode! I am so grateful to you for all the work you did with me. I now seem to be able to perform consistently and that has changed my working life so much – and taken a major anxiety out of my free time as well. Thank you as your support has really transformed things for me and I’m so glad to have met and worked with you.Keep doing what you do, you are great at it! Senior Management in Public Sector

Lack of Confidence – “Giselle has really helped with my confidence and self-esteem. I feel like a completely different person!” SG Full-time mum

Severe anxiety/panic attacks – “Giselle is a very caring and supportive person. When I was at my lowest she helped me put everything into perspective and her methods are very effective. She would always go that extra mile. I cannot thank her enough for getting me back on me feet.” MT Teacher

Travel Sickness – “I think we can safely say that my treatment was an unqualified success!!” G.J School Technician

Spider Phobia – ” I still can’t believe it and feel so angry at myself I haven’t done it earlier but I’m not scared of spiders anymore.You have done amazing job! I can look at them as never before, alive or on the picture, don’t feel any fear.I feel so much free and now I can even show my son the spiders in the book and the live ones as well.” LC Fulltime mum

Fear of presentations – “I can’t tell you how grateful I am, it feels permanent and feels like the best investment I have ever made. Once again, thanks so much for all your help, understanding and expertise. You have made an unbelievable difference to me and I’m incredibly grateful! – Senior Management”