Are you finding being a mother harder than you thought it was going to be?

Do you feel that you have lost your identity, feel unappreciated and living on an ever turning treadmill?

But yet you still feel guilty for not being perfect and for finding motherhood frustrating at times?

You are not alone! Would you be surprised that most mothers, whether working, full-time at home, single or married struggle with the emotional intensity of motherhood, and feel the juggle of everything they need to do difficult at times?

A common problem is how little time there is to meet everyone’s needs within the family, so often the mother has her own needs low down on the list of priorities, but can feel guilty if she does take time for herself. We are not shown how to deal with very strong emotion and there is nothing like motherhood to create strong emotions and responses!

The great news is you don’t have to live with this internal struggle. It is possible to be a fantastic mother and live a life that you are answering to your own needs without the belief you are doing something wrong. As a mum of 3 and a therapist of 6 years, I have both personal and professional knowledge to enable you to really start valuing who you are and what you are creating as a mum.

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Together, we can look at all aspects of your challenges of being a mum, which means you can start coping amazingly well with motherhood. Project Mum-Me has been specially created using Mindfulness, cognitive therapy, stress management, relaxation techniques and other amazing and magical ways to tackle the problem inside-out. Results are a happier more liberated mum. Which means happier and more relaxed children.

I have created a 6 step programme that is championing mothers by connecting them to their own sense of value.

Here are just some of the powerful results you will experience in Project Mum-Me:

  • -Gain more control of your stress so the the whole family becomes calmer resulting in improved relationships.
  • -Get to understand the origin of your emotions, such as guilt, feeling not good enough etc so you can naturally start responding in a way that is more beneficial for you.
  • -Get personal profiling so you can understand the best way for you to relax and also to re-energise, so you are able to handle the business of family life.
  • -Learn techniques and coping tools so you are able to handle anything life has to throw at you. Life becomes an exciting place!
  • -Powerful audio meditations for you to listen to whenever you want to to enhance relaxation, energy and meaning running on empty is a thing of the past.
  • -Start living life the way you would want, being empowered to realise you do have control of your own life.
  • – Coping amazingly well with motherhood.
  • – The whole family becomes calmer
  • – You will naturally start responding to people differently, giving you more control in how you feel and what you say to others.
  • – You are amazing! Our options are limitless. Start getting excited about what you can be doing with your life.
  • – Transforming yourself means that all the people within your life receive the benefits of a happier, calmer you.

These and many more are what I have experienced in my own transformation. Contact me to find out how you can be transformed and start living without the beliefs and guilt that have been stopping you embracing everything you have and will be.

I want every mother to reconnect to their own sense of value and to start valuing what they are achieving.

Call today on 07847 386562 to book your free telephone consultation or email giselle.monbiot@googlemail.com. See how you can transform your experience of motherhood.

Start valuing who you are today!