Our Top 5 Fears

All of us feel some level of fear. It does not matter where you live, your age, your colour or creed. Fear is a component of the human experience; it is a component of our make-up. Without fear, we wouldn’t live very long. This is as the purpose of fear is to keep us safe when we are faced with a dangerous scenario.

When fear is appropriate, it is useful and imperative, on the other hand, when it is inappropriate, given the scenario you’re in, it possibly needs to be remedied. We need to understand that fear itself is a normal and natural reaction to a dangerous scenario. It is information and offers us a greater understanding of our environment and ourselves.

There are five well-accepted worries that all of us share as a society.


This is a fear of no longer being here or dying. We’re born survivors, so it is completely natural that we would fear death. When we suddenly face a dangerous circumstance our heart rate will probably instantly go up because our body is being prepared to do everything it can to remove itself from the threat.

Being Maimed

This is anxiety about our body being harmed or changed in a detrimental way. The manner in which our body performs can have a big impact on our survival chances. Whenever people are scared of certain animals, bugs or other animals, their fear comes from the intrinsic fear we all have of mutilation.

Losing control

For a number of people, any loss of control can generate considerable fear. This can be when we genuinely feel someone near to us is very controlling or simply circumstances in our lives make us genuinely feel trapped, swamped and out of control.


This fear concerns feeling shut off from society or somebody. It is a fear of being ignored and feeling worthless. It is this fear that is the root of a lot of social phobias that flourish today.


This is the fear of being embarrassed or shamed. Once we start to disapprove of ourselves either through low self-worth or insufficient confidence, this fear will usually be prompted.

We are all vulnerable to these five fears; they are built into us to help us survive. No matter what level we experience these fears; we all share them in some shape or form.

For many individuals, these fears can get unmanageable and if that’s you there is something you can do to help yourself. These fears exist for a purpose, but that goal can be derailed and begin to cause us unwanted problems.

Should the fear is doing more than that and causing you to be anxious at inappropriate times, it’s time to get some professional help. Hypnotherapy techniques are very helpful at dealing with unwanted fears in a very natural way. We will all try to solve any unwanted fears by ourselves first, but on plenty of occasions we simply will not have the ability to resolve them mainly because they are maintained at a subconscious level. This, however, is an area where hypnosis excels.

Giselle Monbiot, a qualified hypnotherapist, based in Kingston upon Thames, said “Our unconscious can have problems distinguishing between what is real danger and what can just be ignore. Through Cognitive Hypnotherapy, we can show your unconscious better ways for you to respond. ”

Giselle has practised in Kingston for over 5 years working from her rooms on Old London Road.
For more information please call on 07847 386562 or visit www.kingstonhypnotherapy.co.uk

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