Offer life a boost by eliminating phobias.


To individuals that have never suffered a phobia, it can be hard to grasp the overpowering fear they can create. Somebody with a phobia commonly has an irrational fear concerning an animal, circumstance or environment and when confronted with them, high degrees of fear can be generated.

In their minds those with a phobia are likely to perceive the object of their phobia as posing inappropriate degrees of danger and respond accordingly. Sadly, the phobic trigger is normally something quite benign and ordinary, so this is why the reaction can be so surprising to people without the phobia.

Irrational or not, phobic feelings are very real, and can be brought on even by thinking about the phobic trigger in extreme cases.

In fact, everyone has anxieties and dislikes, but it is when these dreads start to hinder day to day life that it tends to be known as a phobia. However, in some instances when the source of the phobia isn’t something an individual comes into contact with regularly, like spiders; it won’t affect the way they live their lives too much.

Phobias are typically split up into two main categories. They are simple phobias and complex phobias. When it comes to simple phobias, the fear is often directed at a singular object or circumstance like flying, oranges, insects, pigeons and many more. Complex phobias, meanwhile, are usually more abstract or generalised or have a number of underlying causes. For example, a fear of dentists may be complicated by a fear of being sick, and agoraphobia is in many cases a complex mix of another phobia combined with a fear of dying or having an anxiety attack.

Most phobias are fairly straight forward to get rid of. Most phobias are derived from a traumatic event or incident that occurs in childhood that is surrounded by trauma and anxiousness, and then evolves into a deep seated irrational fear.

Phobias take their root in the subconscious mind, which is why Hypnotheraputic solutions are such a beneficial treatment. Hypnotherapy uses relaxation techniques to enable the person receiving the hypnotic treatment to access their subconscious mind, identify the root of the phobia, and overcome it. For a large number of people hypnosis offers a long-tem solution to a problem phobia that may have been affecting them for years.

If you have found your life is being impacted negatively by a phobia, perhaps it’s time for you to consider hypnotherapy so you can rid yourself of that fear, and start living the life you deserve to lead.

Giselle Monbiot based in Kingston upon Thames explained why in their view hypnosis is extremely effective in the treatment of phobias “Hypnotherapy gets to the root of the phobia and removes it without the person having to relive the high emotional state. I have had clients having panic attacks, on their first visit, whilst describing their response to spiders. By session 2 they are looking at photos of spiders and have no irrational fear left. Why suffer when you can be freed so easily?”spider

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