The nail biting problem can be solved with hypnotherapy

Nail-Biting1-268x300Often people believe that nail biting is truly an ugly and unwanted habit. Some people bite their nails in their school years then stop usually in the final years of adolescence. Nail biting may continue into adulthood for many, and becomes a psychological crutch, leading to real physical harm to the fingers. Hypnotherapy is commonly used to help those struggling with this problematic behaviour.

So what exactly is a negative behaviour?

A habit is where a pattern of behaviour transpires over and over again, and which is by and large subconsciously driven. It’s something we obtain by reiterating a particular behaviour regularly. In most cases, a habit is very simple to begin but amazingly hard to stop. A habit is defined as a bad one when it harms us emotionally or bodily.

Some people smoke cigarettes, some of us spend hours on on-line games and others overeat. Only if you realise that you are carrying out the action without realising, without deliberately opting to do it, are you aware it is a habitual behaviour. For instance, you may only realise you put your fingertips in your mouth afterwards – you didn’t think about it upfront.

Why is chewing fingernails bad for me?

Nail biting is, usually, a behavioural pattern developed by people suffering from stress and panic, but can also be a purely physical habit. One reason why nail biting is so undesirable for you is that it harms you physically. For the most part, you may undergo red fingers and cuticles that are shredded and damaged. This makes them all too easy to catch on things and in addition they can be sore when subjected to certain substances like acid in food for example. In really serious cases, the finger could become disfigured and the nail entirely lost.

Your habit doesn’t only impact your fingers either. The dental problems linked with nail biting are very well documented. A problem called gingival injury can occur, which is where continual nail biting destroys the soft tissue inside your mouth. You can also transfer nasty infections to the body by having oral exposure to the bacteria tucked away deep in the nail bed.

Most nail biters are aware that they have an issue but they simply do not know how to stop it. It can be very degrading to catch yourself chewing away and realising you are surrounded by individuals who are finding the behaviour objectionable. It’s also distressing when your friends notice your spoiled fingers and nails.

The most useful thing to realise is that nail biting is on the whole a coping system for something deeper that requires identifying and suffering with.

A hypnotic approach for nail biting is fantastic at taking care of this behaviour. Numerous clients achieve excellent results inside a couple of sessions.

Giselle Monbiot, a professional hypnotherapist from Kingston upon Thames, said “The results are fantastic. It is fabulous to see bitten hands turn to lovely filed nails. It doesn’t take long for the transformation to begin.”

Giselle has practised in Kingston for over 4 years working from her rooms on Old London Road. For further information all 07847 386562

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