Make this year’s promises last


Are you struggling with keeping your new year’s resolutions?

At the start of a New Year is a common time to trim-down or give up something, and after the excesses of Christmas, there is in most cases plenty to work with.

It is typically reported that we eat around 8000 calories on Christmas day itself, not to mention all the Christmas celebrations and New Year celebrations. The evidence is all too clear whenever we do up our belt or put on that blouse that just doesn’t fit quite right any more. As a result of this, quite a few of us vow to make adjustments to our lifestyle. Smoking cigarettes, drinking and weight reduction are the prime targets for a healthier lifestyle. But will it really work?

The problem is that stopping cigarettes, ditching the alcohol and reducing weight all require considerable behavioural change. This is something that people are just not very good at. We have a huge capacity to learn, but limited capacity to unlearn. Is it possible to unlearn how to ride a bike, drive a car or even walk? Of course not. So there’s the difficulty. How do you make these changes – and more importantly – create long lasting changes to your thinking and habits?

Hypnotherapy approaches offer a solution

The solution is in replacing old patterns of behaviour with new and improved ones. Hypnotherapy gives us access to the subconscious, where our behaviours are stored; we can successfully overwrite the old habits and swap them with the new ones.

Perhaps you find yourself habitually buying snacks or treats, or gratifying yourself with a chocolate bar in the evening. Hypnotherapy may help you change that unhealthy behaviour into the one you’d like in its place.

The same goes for smoking cigarettes and weight control and, in fact, for just about any behavioural change you want to make. With hypnosis, changing habits is our stock in trade. How would your waistline change if you just stopped fancying all the carbs like bread, spuds, biscuits, cakes, pastas and cereals? How easy might it be to stop cigarettes if you just didn’t fancy a cigarette any more and if you started to think of yourself as a non-smoker?

The beauty of making changes at a subconscious level is that those old habits become easy to curb. How great will it be if next year you did not need to make the usual resolutions that you made this year. What you will find is that a subconscious change lasts considerably longer than a drunken pledge to yourself.

Giselle Monbiot is well qualified and has numerous years of practical experience of alleviating problem behaviours using hypnosis within their practice located in Kingston upon Thames.
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