Locals in Kingston upon Thames find modern hypnotherapy meets their requirements

gisellemonbiotThe actual number of anxiety clients I saw after starting my practice in Kingston upon Thames was a real surprise to me. The types of anxiety I saw from the outset were pretty varied things like panic attacks and anxiety over travelling were quite common.

Initially I considered if there was any external factor in and around Kingston upon Thames that could be liable for the level of anxiety clients I was seeing. But having talked to a lot of other hypnotherapists, I realised that they were had similar experiences. The proportion of anxiety clients other hypnotherapists see within the UK would appear to be fairly similar.

I also found that my work with overweight customers went down very well with the local residents in Kingston upon Thames. Now, be it my particular techniques or simply the effectiveness of a hypnotic approach for weight management that has caused the excitement around Kingston upon Thames, I’m not really sure. Something has most certainly caused the rise in locals arranging sessions with me.

Perhaps surprisingly, I believed that because my clinic is in Kingston upon Thames that I would only be getting clients from my neighbourhood but, as time have gone by I get significantly more clients from areas including Central and North London, Hampton Hill, Twickenham and Richmond. “I think that people are willing to travel further if they know the results will be effective and permanent. And the results my clients get are definitely that.

The power of hypnosis is such that over the time I have worked productively with issues like:

Sleep problems




Low confidence

Social phobia

Terror of swimming, enclosed spaces and feeling trapped.

To list just a few.

Over the years, I have worked alongside many Kingston upon Thames residents using hypnosis and in unison I hope we have made Kingston upon Thames just a little bit better.

By collaborating with the people of Kingston upon Thames, I have noticed that they are really quite brave because they endure these issues day by day, yet they are still able to live their lives surprisingly normally. The individuals of Kingston upon Thames seem very good at hiding their apprehensions as they appear to be happy and relaxed. So, if you have similar problems you can take comfort from the idea that you are not the only person.

You don’t need to let the things that happened to you, from the first minute you left the womb till now, have a prolonged effect and a hypnotic approach is a very effective tool that will help you create the adjustment you need to make your life better. It’s not essential to live in Kingston upon Thames to take advantage of a hypnotic approach, even though if you want to visit me it helps to be local.

Perhaps hypnosis could make an improvement in your daily life? If you reside anywhere around Kingston upon Thames and you think it might, why not get in touch and see if we can make an impact on your life.

Giselle Monbiot has been working in Kingston upon Thames for 5 years as a qualified hypnotherapist.
07847 386562 www.kingstonhypnotherapy.co.uk

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