A hypnotic approach for giving a presentation and speaking in public

Business-Presentation-MumbaiSo you’ve been told that you have to do a presentation for your upcoming business meeting. You commonly feel quite anxious about this type of thing, but you keep convincing yourself that it’ll be alright. Nevertheless, as your meeting swiftly approaches, you start to wish you’d never decided to do it. The mere idea of giving a presentation of your thinking to the team is enough to bring you out in a sweat and get your heart racing.

Seem like you?

It’s not as unusual as perhaps you may think. Approximately 1 in 10 British people struggle with social anxiety; this means that; approximately 6.3 million people know exactly how you feel.

Public speaking anxieties and ways in which they affect us.

Social anxiety can have an incredibly negative impact on our lives, causing us to drop out of schooling, or hold us back from stepping forward for vocational promotions we know we are entitled to.

A number of standard symptoms are:

  • Higher heart rate
  • Sweating or rise in temperature
  • Going red
  • Stomach aches or nausea
  • Can’t focus
  • Stuttering or stammering
  • Feelings of uneasiness
  • Lousy sleep in the run up to a public speaking occasion

How hypnotherapy for presentation anxiety helps

Presentation anxiety is often triggered by early experiences of embarrassment or distress in a social situation. While we from time to time can’t consciously remember these experiences, all of them are stored in the subconscious and affect the way we feel about ourselves; as an example, they may make us feel that we are bound to say something stupid in front of a group of people.

By steering the client into a point of deep relaxation, the hypnotherapist has access the client’s subconscious mind and produce new, constructive suggestions about the person’s potential to handle social circumstances. As well as helping the customer feel more confident with speaking in public, through freeing the person of some of their negative beliefs about themselves the hypnotherapist can also support them in experiencing improvements in many other parts of their lives.

Social anxiety and presentation nerves are relatively straightforward and easy to deal with by working with a hypnotherapist.

Clients often find that within a few treatments they start to notice a difference in how they feel and deal with social situations.

Hypnotherapy for social anxiety will help you to:

Feel absolutely in control, composed and assured when giving a speech.

Provide help to attend social functions such as work conventions and networking functions, and even enable you to make sales calls with no old sensations of anxiety.

Feel comfortable to be the main attraction.

Find speaking fun!

Giselle Monbiot, is a specialist therapist in helping people with anxiety, presentation phobia, and related difficulties like blushing. Countless clients from the commercial or business community have benefited from the aid and guidance of our experts, enabling them to become effective and assured public speakers within their respective fields.

I have helped people deliver more confident wedding speeches, to speak in PTA events, and even making a criticism in a restaurant!

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