Anxiety and stress can have a very serious effect on your life, stopping you doing all that you want to.When you are in an anxious state, do you find that your mouth goes dry? Your heart beats more quickly? Your breathing quickens? This is your body working perfectly. We were designed to react this way to run away from events that could cause you harm. What we address is why you respond like this to events that, in actual fact, cause you no harm. We remove the need to respond the way you are.Anxiety UK state on their website that

“there is plenty of anecdotal evidence available to suggest that this type of therapy is very beneficial to people experiencing anxiety. Indeed over the years that Anxiety UK has been running its therapy services, it has consistently had positive feedback from members about hypnotherapy.”

This is because hypnotherapy for anxiety removes negative beliefs about you and the world around you and replaces them with positive ones which can, almost immediately, allow you to start feeling less anxious and more relaxed.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Treatment

On a very basic level, hypnotherapy uses very deep and concentrated levels of relaxation to help you to feel calmer feeling-stressand more tranquil; this alone makes you feel less anxious. However, whilst you are in this relaxed state we can work together to change the underlying beliefs that support and maintain your anxieties. In this state your subconscious mind is open to taking on new ideas and suggestions which help to create new beliefs that you can use going forward.

When using hypnotherapy for anxiety we usually begin our first session by looking for the thoughts and beliefs that trigger anxiety in you. Once we have established what or how you are generating the anxiety, we can establish a treatment plan to remove those triggers and replace them with more appropriate thoughts that allow you to stay naturally calm.

Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks

Often clients who come to me for hypnotherapy for anxiety also experience panic attacks. Panic attacks are closely linked with anxiety. They usually cause very short periods of intense fear which will appear very suddenly.

People who experience panic attacks often think they are having a heart attack or a mental breakdown because the panic attacks are so distressing and frightening.

Panic attacks are normally short in duration with a typical attack lasting just a few minutes and then subsiding gradually over a few hours.

Panic Attacks are identified by their symptoms, which include:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Feeling of intense fear
  • Difficulty breathing/feeling of choking
  • Sweating
  • Chest pains
  • Pins and needles around the body
  • Feeling faint and dizzy
  • Trembling

Even though panic attacks may appear to come out of the blue, they are usually started by a cluster of stressful situations occurring at the same moment in time.

Typical Stress Situations

Because these stressful situations, in themselves, are quite small we often don’t see them as significant. However, when you have a cluster of these stressful situations it can cause your subconscious mind to feel overloaded.

Typical causes of this stress can include:

  • Working long hours
  • Pressure at work
  • Financial worries
  • Sickness
  • Caring for others
  • Divorce or Bereavement


Using Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks can teach you to not only recognise the stress in your life but also to respond more appropriately to the stresses that can cause them. This helps you to calm down and get your life back on track.relaxed_woman

Often your thoughts can create the stress before you even carry out the thing that is concerning you. Our work together will remove the response that is causing the anxiety. I also have a number of techniques, which if you use them when needed, can empower you to gain control over the anxiety and learn to love life again.


If you’re struggling with anxiety or panic, feel free to give me a call and we can talk about how my hypnotherapy for anxiety programme can help.