How Hypnotherapy Can Help People With Panic And Anxiety Attacks

Pains in the chest and shortness of breath are quite common with anxiety attacks, but are obviously quite distressing for most people, because they could be something else. There are many reasons why someone might have an anxiety attack. Studies have shown that difficult situations, or stressful life circumstances, can increase stress levels and bring on panic and anxiety attacks. People typically report that panic and anxiety attacks come out of the blue for seemingly no reason. Everyone has a natural fight or flight response that initiates the release of adrenaline when we find ourselves in conditions where we sense danger and need to protect ourselves.

Living with panic disorder can cause further problems, in addition to the attack itself. It may cause worry and stress and anxiety, as you don’t know where or when a panic and anxiety attack may occur. You may also find yourself avoiding going to certain locations where you fear may bring about a panic attack, and countless people become isolated because they are afraid to go out at all. When the dread and panic becomes perpetual it can cause even more tension and anxiety and as self-confidence diminishes depression can develop. An anxiety attack itself can be very frightening to someone experiencing it and upsetting for other people around them as well. During their lifetime approximately 10% of people might have an anxiety attack of some kind. For an individual living with anxiety attacks, however, they can have attacks frequently, causing huge problems in everyday life.

Doctors can prescribe medication to assist with panic and stress; however this only helps with the signs and symptoms not the cause. Hypnosis for anxiety attacks aims to eradicate entirely the underlying issues generating the individual’s panic disorder. Therapies, such as hypnosis for panic attacks and fear, can help the subconscious mind to make behavioural changes that reduce the effect of panic disorder or, in some cases, remove them completely.

Giselle Monbiot, a cognitive hypnotherapist located in Kingston upon Thames,who specialises is treating anxiety said “I am constantly in awe if how effective hypnotherapy for anxiety is. I have many clients dealing with anxiety on a daily basis. They come to me because they want to stop anxiety symptoms. A hypnotic solution trains them to respond more appropriately to conditions that in the past could have caused stress and panic. It will help to build confidence for their future efforts. It is possible to overcome anxiety with hypnotherapy.”

Hypnosis for panic disorder is a very effective alternative to conventional treatment. It combines hypnosis with cognitive behavioural therapy to create calm and tranquillity within the mind, relieving anxiety and so that you can live a life without chronic worry and frustration. The subconscious is very powerful and adjustments made at this level are generally long lasting.

A hypnotic approach is very effective at helping clients to change habits. Hypnotherapy is used to treat numerous physical and mental problems. By way of example, anxiety, depression, tinnitus, low confidence, as well as problems like smoking tobacco and weight management.

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