Why does hypnosis work so successfully?

Due to the way it has been portrayed over time, many people question whether hypnosis actually works. Scientific studies have revealed that hypnosis has a quantifiable effect on the brain

Stanford University has undertaken a study with volunteers who were placed in hypnosis and told they were looking at coloured objects. Whenever they were studying the objects, there was a boost in blood flow to the part of the brain that registers colour, even though in truth the objects were monochrome. This was as a direct result of hypnosis, providing scientific evidence to support the concept that a hypnotic approach truly does work, in terms of influencing the relevant parts of the brain in order to gain favourable results.

This breakthrough research strongly supports the use of hypnosis for men and women that need to be able to deal with their own pain and anxiety and panic or other health conditions without or to compliment traditional medical treatment. Hypnosis aims to treat the person as a whole, supporting both the body and mind.

Many other case studies have made tremendous changes following hypnosis treatment. Behaviours can be reworked and in accomplishing this it is possible to enrich life beyond measure. Numerous people have been relieved to find that they can use the natural process of hypnotherapy to resolve their problems, particularly people with anxious feelings, depression and stress related problems. The mind can be aided through hypnotherapy tactics to remove irrational ideas and feelings, so that they are able to look and feel in control and accomplish things they never believed possible. A hypnotic approach could also help people overcome various destructive addictions, including smoking tobacco, drinking and obesity. It is now scientifically established that hypnotherapy approaches can safely make changes to the mind that initiate great enhancements to the way men and women live their life.

So for individuals that have been sceptical of the idea of hypnosis and seen it merely as a form of entertainment, the data set out by the team at Stanford University can reassure them that hypnosis really does work. Ground breaking results obtained from expert research enables people to obtain a true understanding of hypnotherapy and more people could reap the benefits of this powerful hypnotherapeutic approach, producing substantial improvements to numerous lives.

Hypnotherapy can now be endorsed as a technique that can truly create positive changes to health problems and improve feelings of well-being. When hypnosis is conducted by professionals utilising advanced techniques, it really is one of the best behavioural change treatment methods available. The scientific research has proven the effectiveness of hypnosis to the benefit of all, globally.

It is vital to make sure that you choose a good, well qualified and experienced hypnotherapist because the standard of expertise can vary hugely. Giselle Monbiot is a professional Hypnotherapist who has years of experience.

Practising in Kingston upon Thames I am constantly amazed at what wonderful results Cognitive hypnotherapy brings to my clients’ lives. The changes happen within the unconscious which means they become the normal way of being easily.

Based on research undertaken at Stanford University see http://news.stanford.edu/news/2000/september6/hypnosis-96.html

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