How Hypnotherapy Can Help Teenage Problems

What positive aspects can young people get from hypnosis?

Youngsters can benefit enormously from hypnotherapy. Here we look at common issues experienced by teenagers and how hypnotherapy approaches could help with those factors.

At present, being a teen comes with inherent difficulties. They frequently have feelings of low self-worth, anxiety as well as hormonal problems. But every now and then, they become a considerable problems that some young people battle to cope with. According to research, 10 % of our children below the age of 16 suffer with mental health issues (1). Thereby, it is not uncommon, however, that does not make it any easier to take care of.

There are some childhood mental health problems that can be helped substantially making use of hypnotherapy processes.

This is how hypnosis helps some of the common issues they face.


If your child is depressed, the very first step is paying a visit to your GP so they can have a clinical assessment and medical treatment. In addition to that, hypnotherapy can help. Depression will probably affect a teen’s mind and body in many ways.

Hypnosis would enable them to tackle the problems causing depression both in the conscious and the subconscious mind. Knowledge is power, and when the child starts to discover how they are generating the feelings of depression they can change the systems they are currently utilising for more favourable ones. The hypnosis will instil new, more beneficial, thought processes that lead to more upbeat feelings.


It’s quite common for teens to have high levels of anxiety. Occasionally it is a perception of being overcome, social difficulties or very specific circumstances like exams or tests but all of them might affect the child’s ability to live life to the full.

Hypnotherapeutic treatments teach the child how to remain calm and deal more effectively with the situations they face. Hypnosis is able to help the child solve the core issue that caused the anxiety.


Life offers up issues to all children however, some are not so skilled at handling them and can suffer as a result. A child being timid and self-conscious is not the same as a child being withdrawn due to incredibly low self-esteem and self-confidence.

Does your teenager have low self-worth? Do you think your child just isn’t socialising the way that they should, are they overly withdrawn or perhaps backwards in coming forwards? For those that are, hypnosis could make a real change to their lives. The first thing to establish will be why they hold inappropriate ideas about themselves. They will probably then be able to overcome those issues and learn how to turn those negative thought processes into positive ones.

These are only some of the teenage issues that hypnosis could help. Other problems could be; blushing, social anxiety, body dysmorphia, exam anxiety and acne to name just a few.

Kids respond very well to hypnosis as they have reactive minds and so are more responsive to new ideas. It might be worth investigating the rewards that hypnotherapy could bring to your son or daughter.

Giselle Monbiot based in Kingston upon Thames explained why in their view hypnosis is extremely successful at helping young people make long lasting changes, “Getting help when we are young means that the complicated web of response to the issue is kept to a minimum. And as the person is young, the change can happen extremely quickly. During teenage years, the neural pathways are changing naturally. This means the brain is already making the changes. Hypnotherapy will ensure the changes happen in the right direction.” For more information please contact me on 07847 386562 or


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