Fighting stress at work

Stressed at your work? Stress can impact your life.
It does not matter what your location is on the corporate ladder you may still be affected by workplace stress. Here we focus on how corporate hypnosis will help with these common issues.

Are you stressed at work? You aren’t alone.

The office can be a hotbed for pressure, anxiousness and all manner of panic and turmoil, regardless of where you are on the career hierarchy. In accordance with one study (1) stress, depression and anxiety accounted for 39% of all workplace illnesses in 2013/2014.

Are you near the top of the tree, finding yourself affected by troublesome staff, meeting targets or the demanding business conditions? Or maybe you’re an entry level worker struggling to cope with the numerous layers of management passing down orders to you every single day, pushing you to improve when you feel you simply cannot complete one task efficiently, let alone several.

A great many corporations are currently struggling with a steep rise in staff absences, and even though the reasons given are frequently not related to any psychological issues, more often than not a high proportion of those absences are actually attributed to stress. Co-workers may also be suspicious that a person who is absent is simply ‘making it up’, which can then make it significantly more difficult for the absent employee to return, building the stress and anxiousness and contributing to the general problem.

Naturally, employers are accountable for creating and fostering a good working atmosphere, but employees also need to feel able to take responsibility for their own levels of stress.

Such are the difficulties of the modern workplace that quite a few people will carry on until they reach the point of breakdown. As stress spirals, problem solving, levels of energy and ability to interact with co-workers gets harder. At this juncture their productivity is affected and in many cases this is when it comes to the attention of the company simply because they notice a problem with the employee’s output when things start to go awry.

Hypnotherapy can really help with these types of scenario. Unlike traditional medicine or therapy which may help a person deal with the stress they are struggling with right here, right now, hypnotherapy will help tackle the root of the problem.

Very often, our reaction to a certain situation is influenced by our past situations, so our reaction may be stronger than is acceptable to the circumstances.

A hypnotherapist will normally look for any underlying problems and remove or modify the effect it is having on the worker’s emotional mind as well as teaching the employee how to chill out properly. Not only does hypnosis remove the effects of stress in their working life but also it frequently has a profound effect on the home life as well.

Lowering stress and absenteeism is a win-win for employers and staff alike, as productivity increases when we are relaxed and happy.

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Giselle Monbiot in Kingston upon Thames explained why in their view hypnotherapy is extremely effective in the treatment of workplace stress.
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Fighting Stress At Work
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Fighting Stress At Work
Stressed at your work? Stress can impact your life. Are you stressed at work? You aren’t alone. For help contact: 07847 386562

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