Creating a Natural Childbirth

Confident Childbirth
Confident Childbirth

Countless women like the idea of a natural birth, but the idea of being in pain for a long period puts them off (and who would blame them). Even with practice and groundwork, there is in many cases an underlying fear that pain is likely to become overwhelming and the planning is likely to go out of the window.

An expectant mother might have deep fears about the impending labour pain they will inevitably encounter. If nothing else, it can be a huge distraction from the peaceful, focused and tranquil experience that many hope to achieve.

Everybody has a different threshold for pain tolerance and you cannot simply expect everyone to manage labour pains in the same manner. Even for the most pain tolerant, the mental, physical and psychological strain can be too much to handle. During labour as the fear and discomfort increases so does the anxiety levels.

Thus if there is any significant pain it could be interpreted as being much stronger than it in fact is and thus more frightening. The natural childbirth experience can then develop into a vicious cycle of what seems to be endless pain and worry. So it’s no wonder that woman experiencing this are unable to pay attention on the proper deep breathing, relaxation and pushing techniques that are the building blocks for natural childbirth.

Relaxation and focus are the keys to success, as they keep the anxiousness cycle from rising.

Nature doesn’t favour giving birth in times of risk, so if stress and anxiety are allowed to run out of control, it can impede labour and result in more pain. Prolonged labour and intensified pain can quickly turn a natural birth dream into a nightmare. Anxiousness can quickly lead to complications, for example a rise blood pressure or metal distress.

Hypnosis can be a valuable tool that helps reduce the labour pains for a pregnant woman. In contrast to tensing the muscles and attempting to work through the painful contractions, a hypnotic approach should enable her to relax during each stage of labour. By utilising relaxation like this everything becomes less painful and commonly the labour can be far faster.

Helping the mums-to-be to diminish or even get rid of the pain totally is the goal of the hypnotherapist and also helping them to stay utterly relaxed. Giselle Monbiot, based in Kingston upon Thames, explained why in their view hypnotherapy treatments are extremely successful in helping women that are pregnant to have a natural birth. “To have the Confident Childbirth sessions really empowers the women. We explore the different things she is concerned about. This removes any preconceived fears that may have been learned from others. Or this can be from past labours she has had. Then I teach her techniques and hypnosis to ensure she can remain relaxed as possible. I personally have given birth 3 times using these techniques. I remember labour as really empowering and amazing. . A relaxed mother would also feel better equipped to be certain that their baby receives the most beneficial start possible to life.

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