Call me today – Start believing you are amazing!

Do you feel you are losing your identity and not meeting your own needs as a mum, and yet still feel guilty about thinking this way?

Imagine that you are coping amazingly well with motherhood whilst meeting your own needs WITHOUT feeling guilty or believing you are not doing a good enough job. If you find that hard to imagine, then you are not alone and I can help you.

I am really excited to be launching my new ‘Project Mum-Me’ project, a powerful programme that is championing mothers by connecting them to their own sense of value.  To celebrate the launch I am setting aside 2 slots every Thursday, for the next month, for a special, free one-to-one personal session. Together we can:-
• Create a crystal clear vision of what you are finding challenging about motherhood, so you know exactly what you want and what you need to do to make it happen
• Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you experiencing life how you would want to.
• Leave the session renewed, energised and inspired to finally re-connect with your value and your identity whilst experiencing a happier and more relaxed household.

I know that every mother can reconnect to their own sense of value and to start valuing what they are achieving, and my passion is to help them get there!

To book one of these free slots email me now at


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