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Nutritional Hypnotherapy is Born!

I have seen many clients who wish to alter their weight. Often, the issues related to the food they eat is connected to unreleased emotional issues inbedded within. As these issues are released the pounds start to fall away. However, I also find many of my clients are confused about the foods that need to eat. From bad habits to misleading advertising, we are unknowingly eating the foods that add to weight gain.

What can be done about it? Nutritional Therapist Holly Sorce and I have created an exciting programme that covers all the angles. We provide a full diet plan for you, created for you. As well as that, the root emotional issues are worked on and then the habits are turned around to become the habits you would prefer to have. Where else do you get 2 top therapists sitting in the same room as you, helping and guiding you through the factors that are stopping you achieving your perfect weight? And all this in just 3 2 hour sessions!

For further information, please contact me and we can discuss what we can do for you.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Since being introduced to EFT a few years ago, I have taken a lot of interest in it and how it works. It is one of those things that seems unlikely to work – but it really does! And quite often when nothing else will. It is a combination of taps on various points on the body. They work at releasing any block that may be contributing to your negative behaviour/belief.

Once you have learned that the only negative thing is the way you respond to what is happening in your life, EFT is great at releasing the reason behind your response. We are creating the world we live in with our thoughts and how we filter the experiences around us. If we believe the world is a bad place, then that is what we will notice. If we believe the world is a kind place, filled with opportunity and happiness, that is what we will attract.

The results can be very fast allowing you to start perceiving life from a happier more balanced place. And this can be used on any aspect of our lives. Get tapping and experience it for yourself.

Trevor’s words on CBT

I have been so lucky to have been trained by one of the most amazing therapists and teachers, Trevor Silvester. He has created the therapeutic approach Cognitive Hypnotherapy. A therapy that when done well, is fluid and organic. Working with the client and at the pace the client needs to acheive all they need at that time.

I often get asked if I do Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), as I have the title Cognitive Hypnotherapist. The answer is that some of what I do includes techniques that are used by CBT therapists. But it is not all that I do. Thankfully, due to the amazing training by Trevor, I have a large tool box that is used as and when my clients need them. During my Master Practitioner training, Trevor refers to Bruce Lee and his martial art style which was all about fluidity and moving with the person and not remaining in a tight box of dogma and labels. Please have a read of the link Trevor’s Blog. He writes a fascinating article all about the differences and similarities between what I do and CBT people do. I hope it is as interesting to you as it is me.

When your resolutions get stuck

We start the 1st Jan enthusiastic and raring to go. We have a list of resolutions that we promise ourselves that this year it will be different. Day 1 and day 2 are normally good and then deteriation occurs. And then as you get to the end of January, all resolve has left!! Frustration and all manner of emotions occur at not acheiving your goals.

Would it help to know that you are not alone? This is the ususal pattern of resoultions. When patterns, habits and behaviours have beenacted out for many years, it can take some work at making the changes unconsciously.

The great news is, the more you attempt the change, the more likely you are of success. So it is really worth to keep perservering and not to forget what it is you want to acheive.

Some simple tips on how to reach your goals:

-Write down what your goal is. This serves as a remeinder for why and what you are doing this for. Keep the list in a place you will see often.

-Find a buddy who is wanting to achieve the same thing. You are 33% more likely to acheive if you are doing it with someone else.

-Have some way of measuring how far you have come. It can be difficult to recognise how much you have acheieved if you are going through a difficult patch. Examples: Save all the money you don’t spend on buying the cigarettes. Keep a weight chart to notice how much weight is coming off. Keep a record of speed and disatance if exercise is what you are doing.

-If you have a relapse, just note it and continue with what you were doing before. Remember how far you have come so don’t give in. Allow it to strengthen your resolve to achieving your success.

Good luck

Happy New Year

As we flow in 2011, this is a great time to take stock of our lives. What was useful from last year? What and whom do we want to bring into this new year? What do we want to leave behind – whether emotionally or experientially? Whatever your answer may be, this is the time for you to decide

Many people want to stop smoking, lose weight or start exercising. But why just focus on those things, when patterns and beliefs can have a huge impact on what you acheive within your life.

Whatever you decide is right for you, I wish you all the best success in your quest and journey that lies ahead of you. Life is very exciting as it unfolds.

Free Talk on How to Master Anxiety!

I am giving a talk on how to master anxiety at Shiva Rooms (see Home page for directions). It is to be held on 3rd November at 7.30pm. I will be discussing what anxiety is and simple techniques to give you the power to gain control over it.

I find working with anxiety such a fulfilling experience as the change can be very fast and astounding to watch my clients gain control and to start enjoying life again. An amazing thing to share.

I hope to see you there!

Bruce Lipton – Biology of Belief

I am currently reading Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton. He discusses how we react to our environment and the stresses they bring. He looks at the biological impact as a result of dis-ease and how we behave to what is going on in our lives.

He discusses that there are 2 different ways to react – with growth (love) or in protection (fear). When in protection, we don’t grow. We can either stay the same or go backwards (sometimes causing illness). When in growth, this is when we move forward and actually achieve things as well as developing.

If you want to learn more, have a read – it is gripping stuff.

Why Changing Eating Habits Is Essential To Weight Loss

When I see my clients for weight loss, we often address the relationship they have attached to the food as opposed to just focusing on weight loss. The amazing thing is, as the issues connected to eating are removed, the need to eat as much starts to lose its hold. As the amount of food reduces, then the weight naturally falls off.

This following article explains the importance of reducing calorie intake and how this is the key to good weight loss.How Exercise Won’t Make you Thin

Some pointers to help you reduce what you eat:

-Eat from a smaller plate – the mind can see that the plate is full and is tricked to believe it has eaten lots.

-Put your cutlery down between each mouthful. Chew slowly and concentrate on the food you are eating. It is amazing how often we think about the food we want to eat but forget to notice it whilst we eat it!

-Eat 6 small meals a day -this helps to reduce snacking and unbalanced blood sugar.

– Reduce your toxic intake – the fat cells store the toxins to protect our bodies. As we release the toxins the fat cells melt away. Various nutrients help to deox the body.

Is This The Answer To Our Global Issues?

Please read this article to get a greater awareness to our role for global recovery.Article

“So many wondeful things in the world but nobody’s happy.” This is an eye opening video to watch. I hope you get as much out of this as I did. Article

How To Maximise Your Exercise Regime

This article has really helped me to make sure I am getting the most out of my exercise routine. Exercise article. I hope you get alot out of it aswell.

Eating Blunts Pain

I found this article very interesting. Food article I hope you enjoy it to.

Do You Fear Failure?

Many people fear failure as they believe that to fail is a bad thing to do. But I see failure as a different thing. When I fail at something, it is my chance to try again. To find a different way to succeed at whatever I am trying to accomplish.

This is also how I perceive aspects of my behaviour. Sometimes aspects of me appear that are holding no positive purpose in my life or those around me. Instead of disliking myself or being ashamed, I am grateful that it has been shown to me. Once I can perceive what needs altering I can go about making the changes that will enable my behaviour to become more positive.

Personal development isn’t about being perfect, or reaching an end goal. It is about getting to know yourself and facing all internal battles. I am blessed to have the support of many amazing people I can get support from. This means I know I am developing in a positive and expanding way.

It is also a big lesson to accept our imperfections. All these things are the parts that make us up to be a whole. Trevor Silvester has written a great article about this – I would love to share it with you.

We are all fellow strugglers I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

What We Need Is A Good Listening To!

The following really expresses what we often forget, when conversing with those close to us. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

-When I ask you to listen to me and you start giving advice then you have not done what I asked.
-When I ask you to listen to me and you begin to tell me why I shouldn’t feel that way you are trampling on my feelings.
-When you do something for me that I can and need to do for myself you contribute to my fear and weakness.
-But when you accept the simple fact that I do feel what I feel no matter how irrational then I quit trying to convince you and can get about the business of understanding what’s behind this feeling.
-Irrational feelings make sense when we understand what’s behind them.
-So please listen…

Do You Need To Start The Day With A Caffeine Hit?

Many people believe that their day cannot begin without the boost from a cup of coffee. But research has shown that in actual fact, the need for the boost may be just to remove the withdrawal from no caffeine over night. As with many addictions, the actual need for the substance is often just to remove the craving, as opposed to actually giving the person something positive. Many smokers say that smoking releases stress and anxiety. They do not realise that the actual act of smoking is causing the stress in their lives.

Coffee drinking can actually increase tierdness, as it puts strains on the adrenals, often leading to adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue creates exhaustion in the body and of the mind, resulting in a downward spiral of drinking more caffeine, as we are led to believe that it will wake us up. One of the best ways to have a constant wakefulness is to be healthy and non-reliant on any substance to keep you going. If the thought of that is a concern to you, then it is important to address what it is that is making you believe that you cannot function without the substance. Have a read of the link and see what you think.
Coffee article

How To Handle Insomnia

Do you have problems sleeping? Click the following link to understand insomnia and how you can overcome it. Sleep techniques

How Do You Reference?

Have you noticed that some people are able to live their lives not noticing what anyone else thinks of them? And on the other hand, there are people always asking you what you think of them and what they are doing? Almost as though they are seeking your approval all the time? This could simply be whether they are Internaly or Externally Referenced.

Internally referenced people only take notice of what they think of what they are doing. How they judge their own actions and decisions is what matters to them. The benefits of this is they are usually very self-motivated with very strong boundaries. The things for them to be aware of that could be a problem, are that if the boundaries are too fixed, other opinions are ignored. The result is only one opinion is known. This gives very limited awareness to the situation. Being blinded to another’s opinion misses a whole other view point.They can also fail to take other’s into account when a decision is made. They really need to understand the inpact of their actions and the effect it has on others.

Externally reference people rely on other people’s opinions to judge how they are doing. Always seeking other people’s approval, they are often consultative and very inclusive. The issues that can arise around this they can become too influenced by other people’s opinions and view as they have no internal frame of reference. They can also be manipulated by another’s view. One thing they need to be aware of, is that need external motivation, so can find solo projects very hard.

So whichever way you reference what you are doing, just be aware of how you are affecting those around you. You can make sure it is not having a negative influence on those that matter.

An amazing and frank speech by J K Rowland. Well worth a watch with a cup of tea!
Benefits of failure

You Are The Expert Of You

I was having a conversation with someone the other day about Locus of Control. Are you internal or external – do you recognise it is you that makes things happen in your life (internal), or do you expect someone or something else get you to where it is that you want to go? When you are Internal Locus of Control, you take the power of succeeding in your own hands. Knowing when you need help and also knowing when you have to place action towards your goal. Someone with External Locus of Control, expects other people to do it for them. May be expecting the universe to provide them with their dreams. To acheive all that we need to achieve, we need to create the action to acheive it.


I was walking with some friends the other day, discussing how Cognitive Hypnotherapy works and gave examples of different ways my therapy approach can help those seeking help. They were fascinated with what I was saying as it was an area they didn’t know much about.

We all went our separate ways and met up the next day as the sun was shining and it was a good day to be walking in the park. One of my friends took off from where we left off, from the day before, and said “I have been thinking about if I was to change anything, what would it be.” This of course started another conversation about what would be good and useful for her.

So this made me want to ask anyone reading this – what would you change if you had the choice? What positive changes would happen in your life – how would the change affect you and others that you meet on a day to day basis? What change would make the difference to allow you to start living the path you have always dreamed.

This is why I love Cognitive Hypnotherapy – it shows me and the others around me that change is there for the taking. We don’t have to remain with the aspects of us that are holding us back. We can chose to make the change – and if choose not to – what is holding you back?


Just how contagious are you?

Have you noticed that if you start moaning about your life it seems to invite the person you are talking to into a kind of misery competition? One negative comment about the state of the weather and you are suddenly into the rotten job, the divorce and how the children are so ungrateful. By the third drink you are both sobbing into your hankies and reaching for the Prozac. Pessimism and unhappiness is contagious!

Let’s be honest we all know people who light up a room just by entering it – and some by leaving it! People can be hard work to listen to sometimes can’t they? – A constant stream of problems, complaints and gloom. It’s like they are a black hole sucking in all the joy in the world and giving out nothing. A real life dementor in fact!

The good news is that optimism and cheerfulness is equally contagious – and much easier to live with. Life is all about choices – you can choose to enjoy the doughnut or choose to moan about the hole!

So the next time someone around you starts to whinge just say “Yes- but isn’t life wonderful?” You will be doing them a favour – firstly by interrupting their flow of negative thought and encouraging them to choose a positive one instead. Secondly, and most importantly, you are refusing to be sucked down into their swamp of negativity. You are engaging in what the psychologists call affirmation. Utilising the power of positive thought.

The truth is that we have a huge influence on our own destiny. So if you wake up and tell your self that you are about to have yet another bad day then guess what? You will. So try instead saying to yourself “today is going to be great!”

Go on! Give it a go!

Next time somebody starts off a conversation with “Isn’t the weather depressing!” say “Yes but life is wonderful!” – and persevere. If they reply with “and my job is going nowhere” say “Yes but life can still be wonderful”. One of two things will happen they will drift off muttering under their breath about “wanting whatever you are on” or they will give in and lighten up. Either way they have been infected with your cheerfulness whether they realise or not. Whether they like it or not!

It’s a perfect circle- think positive and your body responds by releasing endorphins, which make you feel happy, which releases more endorphins…. Of course it also works in reverse if you dwell on negative thoughts.

So today, right now, do you choose happiness or misery?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Hypnotherapy

The following article is discussing the benefits the positive impacts hypnotherapy can have on the often very distressing symptoms of IBS It is written from a doctor’s perspective and the great results his patients have received when he has referred them on to a hypnotherapist.


Learn How To Love Yourself Again

Many people have issues in regards to their image often putting themselves down or punishing themselves due to the lack of self-love they have. Michael Neill has suggested that practising the technique below can have a hugely positive affect of how you can perceive yourself. Maybe you could give it a go and see what you see, feel, think and hear whilst doing it.
Today’s Experiment:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror with your eyes closed. Ideally this will be a full-length mirror, but any reflective surface will do for starters.
  2. Think of a time when someone you respect or trust paid you a sincere compliment. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believed what they said – just that you believe that they meant it.
  3. Bearing in mind the positive regard you have for the person who complimented you, open your eyes and look in the mirror, seeing what they saw. (If this seems too hard for you, focus only on your eyes as you look in the mirror. Don’t allow yourself to look anywhere but into your own eyes.)
  4. Begin to send love and approval to the you in the mirror. You can do this by once again closing your eyes and imagining someone you love until you begin to feel the feelings in your body. Then open your eyes and allow yourself to be the recipient of those good feelings.
  5. Finally, imagine taking a photo of yourself just like that. Any time you choose, you can remember this image and feel all the good feelings that come with it.

Live a happier life

We live in the time of high stress living. This can have immense negative effects on your health, relationships, family life and career. If we can reduce our stress and see life from a more positive viewpoint, then coping with the challenges life brings you in the 21st century, can be more bearable. Below are 2 fantastic techniques that can enable you to deal with life positively.

1)   7/11 Breathing – When you are feeling stressed or anxious, breathe in for the count (not seconds) of 9 and exhale for the count of 11. The speed of the count is what is comfortable for you. Keep focused on the breath and counting. After repeating a few times, the feeling will have reduced significantly. Can be practised anywhere anytime.

2)   The 3 Gifts – If you are finding it hard to remain positive and you are feeling low, buy yourself a little book and a pen. Every night before going to bed, write down the 3 things that have happened to you that were gifts to you – something that bought a moment of joy. Could be the wind on your face, a smile from a stranger – anything. No matter what has happened that day, you must find 3 things to write. But remember – it can only be 3 things – so even if there were 6 things, you have to prioritise for the 3 best things.

Just bringing these 2 simple techniques into your life can increase happiness significantly.

The power of the unconscious mind

Are there negative patterns and events in your life that keep on reoccurring? Are they holding you back and not allowing you to reach the solution you desire? Maybe the answer lies within your unconscious mind.

We all have things that we want to alter about our behaviour or actions – things we seem to be unable to control. These can be everyday things, such as not being able to avoid that chocolate in the cupboard or no matter how much you want to stop, you seem to be taken over to light another cigarette. Or these can arise in cycles in your life – failed relationships, never reaching your career goal or uncontrollable emotional outbursts.

We have very little conscious control of our actions as is shown below.

The Unconscious Mind: 90%

  • Long-term memory
  • Emotions and feelings
  • Habit patterns, relationship patterns, addictions
  • Involuntary bodily functions
  • Creativity
  • Developmental stages
  • Spiritual connection
  • Intuition

The Conscious Mind : 10%

  • Analyzes
  • Thinks and plans
  • Short-term memory

So when we have reoccurring issues and patterns interrupting us from reaching our full potential, it is important to be able to change the occurring pattern in a way that will create permanent change. And once the change has occurred you maybe surprised how quickly you start becoming the person you have always wanted to become.

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