Build self confidence – even after you have lost it

Confidence is the way we view our capacity to achieve something. Low self confidence is how you view your ability to achieve or formulate skills as being inferior or unproductive. Confidence is similar but not the same as self image which relates to our view of ourselves. Hypnosis is an effective way to find the root cause of self confidence issues and tackle them efficiently.

Precisely why do people need self confidence?

Confidence affects most areas of our life. It can affect how self-confident you feel talking in public or even how self-confident you feel talking with a group of friends. We need confidence to apply for jobs and to put yourself forward for options we may otherwise shy away from. It is believing we are capable and able to carry out the job at hand. Should you suffer from low self confidence you may find that you will be very shy, that you feel astonishingly self aware and timid in social circumstances. You may also find yourself turning down important job opportunities because you really don’t believe you are able to do the job offered.

So why do people have confidence issues?

Low self confidence can be caused by one particular trauma that influenced how you view your talents. Maybe it came from a childhood full of difficulty and negativity from your peers. At times people can discover their confidence is damaged having not realised it was a problem. A few negative events can really affect us significantly – possibly a redundancy has left you more tormented by rejected job applications than you previously would’ve been. At times it is easy to overlook how much incidents have affected us negatively and how those effects may be preventing us from moving forward. Occasionally, the reason is a lot less traumatic and simply a case of the person not recognising their skills and capabilities or not knowing how to choose these skills and abilities effectively.

You might have low self confidence if you: have chronic self doubt; you avoid certain circumstances for fear of feeling uneasy, you have problems speaking confidently, you dismiss your own goals or you steer clear of opportunities that are beneficial (for no apparent reason).

Can it be helped?

Indeed. The initial step is finding out what generated it in the beginning. Because hypnotherapy treatments address the mind as a whole, the issue can be discovered regardless of how deep or complicated. There are several options for those suffering from low self confidence, the most important thing to do is to realise it and get help. It can be particularly devastating to live this way, to know you are the biggest cause of your inadequate progress. It’s not all doom and gloom however; simply realising this fact is also extremely positive. When your mind is the only hurdle it is quite probable that you can deal with that and progress very quickly.

Most people suffering from this issue have a strong want to change and seek help. A hypnotic approach could help with this – if you think you may be suffering from bad confidence you should speak to Giselle Monbiot immediately. You should be the best you can be.

Giselle Monbiot an experienced professional hypnotherapist that specialises in low self confidence, said “We are all born with the right amount of confidence. This means low confidence is a learned response. So you can learn to get your confidence back again.”

Giselle Monbiot is well qualified and has numerous years of practical experience of treating low confidence using Cognitive Hypnotherapy. They’ve been utilising hypnotherapy to treat diminished self confidence within their practice based in Kingston upon Thames.

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